Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Proof of Onward Travel

One problem when you are planning to move to Nicaragua or even to visit past the 90 day Tourist Visa is that you may be required to show "Onward Travel". Our Travel Agent told me to be sure to have proof of Onward Travel because I could be denied boarding if I couldn't prove it.

Some people get around this problem by buying return tickets and not using the return portion.  I have read of other people who just ignore the possibility that they are required to have Proof of Onward Travel and just pray that nobody asks them. Still others "fake" return tickets to try and prove Onward Travel.

I was happy to find a company from Costa Rica that will provide a simple solution to this problem - A Safe Passage.  "A Safe Passage" primarily purchases tickets for people who are flying into Costa Rica on a one-way ticket. I emailed them and inquired if they could purchase tickets for us from Managua, Nicaragua to San Jose, Costa Rica and they were able to do so.  They required copies of our passport information as well as the date that we wanted to travel. Payment was easy through PayPal.

Here is the link for "A Safe Passage" if you are interested in their services: http://costaricabustickets.com/

If you have experienced the challenge of proving Onward Travel please leave us a comment and tell us how you handled the situation.