Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bus - Fare Increase

Last week when we took the bus to Las Peñitas we were faced with an increase in bus fare. I had read that an increase of 15% was due to take effect but didn't know how much that would translate to. We were charged 4 cordobas for the local bus and then 12 cordobas for the trip from Sutiava to Las Peñitas. Fair enough we thought - the price of gas continues to go up so it made sense that there was a hike in bus fare.

New developments this week - We were told that on Tuesday the students held a protest about the new price and the buses came to a standstill for at least part of the day. This caused a lot of problems for people trying to get from one end of the city to another. Some people waited an hour before a taxi could stop to pick them up because the taxis were to full to take another person.

As of today the new fare for the local bus and the camionetta is 3.50 cordoba. Let's see what tomorrow brings!