Monday, March 12, 2012

Finding our house in León, Nicaragua

Looking for a house to rent when you live in another country can be difficult. How do you know what the neighbourhood is like? Is it a fair price? Will it fit my lifestyle? What would the cost of utilities be? Do I want furnished or unfurnished? There are many aspects to consider.

We started looking at housing long before we were due to arrive in Nicaragua. In fact, we looked at housing from all over the country - not just in León and Granada (the two cities we were considering). We felt that this would give us a better idea of what types of homes were available.

There were a few websites that we found very helpful:

CasaNica I really liked this website because there are listings from all over Nicaragua. The have listings for rentals, homes to purchase as well as farms and commercial properties.

Craigslist-Managua I found when I was looking through the listings here that they were mainly for Granada and Managua. However, I found it useful to get an idea of prices. There are usually quite a few vacation homes listed for the times you want to get away to the beach. Also, I was able to find names of Real Estate Companies that had websites that I could check out for additional properties.

Encuentra24 This is an excellent site with all types of listings throughout the country. You can specify what you are looking for as well as the location (# of bedrooms etc).

I know many people have waited until they arrive in Nicaragua to start looking for a home. That is a good idea too because when you walk around a neighbourhood you can see many for rent or for sale signs and you get a sense of what the area is like. You may need someone to help with the negotiations if you can't speak Spanish and they don't speak English.

As for us, we found a nice little one bedroom home with dining room, living room, small bathroom and with a large bedroom/study area.  We also have a large secure front yard that we can enjoy. We are very happy with  our home search and were pleased to settle for a good price with a one year lease.

For a tour of our house please go to: Los Polden's Casa