Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting around town

Transportation around León is fairly abundant. It is an easy city to walk around - at least the city center.  However, there are those times that you need to go a little further or it is too hot to walk. Taxi's are abundant but even at 20 cordobas the cost will quickly add up.

There are many buses available and the helpers will call out what the route is.  Along with the regular buses there is another form of transportation that follows the same route as the bus and are also the same price as the regular bus. I have been told they are called "camionetta's". You will see them everywhere!

These vehicles have benches on either side of them, and then to cram more people in, there are bars attached to the roof so that people can stand up along the center. We have used these alternate "buses" on a number of occasions and have found them to be very efficient albeit extremely popular and therefore crowded.

At 3 cordobas the buses are a real bargain.