Thursday, March 29, 2012


One of the major considerations when moving to another country is what to do about healthcare. Granted, most of don't intend to get sick at anytime, but realistically, we know that we could encounter a medical emergency at any time.

There are many good Travel/medical insurance companies available and it is important to evaluate your circumstances and decide if this is a good option for you.  One of the articles we read is found on Gringosabroad. It discusses How to buy International Travel Insurance .

However, in our circumstances, we found out that we could apply for a provision in the Nova Scotia Medical Insurance that will allow us coverage for up to two years while we are volunteering here in Nicaragua.  Here is the excerpt from their website:

Leaving Nova Scotia Temporarily

Once deemed a resident for MSI coverage and ordinarily present (physically present in Nova Scotia for 183 days in every calendar year), you may retain coverage while temporarily absent for up to one year, provided you intend to return permanently to Nova Scotia.
Your MSI Coverage may be continued if you do not meet the physically present requirement, if you are:
  • attending an educational institution on a full time basis and provide documentation from the institution on a yearly basis
  • a mobile worker - your employment requires you to travel frequently outside Nova Scotia (i.e. truck driver, musician etc.) and you do not establish residency elsewhere
  • engage in employment/volunteer work outside Canada which does not exceed 24 months and your permanent and primary home is in Nova Scotia (necessary documentation required).
It is worthwhile checking with the insurance you currently have and see if you are eligible to have it extended while you are out of the country.

We would be interested in what your experience is in regard to healthcare while you are outside of your home country.