Friday, March 23, 2012

I have my fridge - where do I get the rest of my furniture?

We found that buying our fridge, stove and bed was the easiest part of furnishing our house. Since we are on a budget we have been checking out the local second hand stores. We have been surprised to find that there are quite a few just around the Central Market area.

South side of the Cental Market - across the street there are a couple of second hand stores that have furniture. The first one that you will come to has a lot of plastic items in the front but when you pass into the back part of the store they have all kinds of household furnishings (Tienda Alaniz?). The quality was quite good but you need to really check out the items you are buying. We were able to buy a dresser and desk - both good quality wood. They will arrange delivery for you.

Further down the street (walking away from the Cathedral) you will find a store with a sign (Semi-Nueva) They have a lot of clothing in the front part of the store and the furnishings are toward the back.  They also had some second hand appliances. I was able to find some curtains here.  They also have another store that you see in the picture. This second store is located on the street that leads up to La Iglesia Calvario. This second store seems to have the better quality furnishings as well as a better variety.

If you are looking for some new wood construction furniture you could try the "Taller de Carpinteria.  They have some furniture available in the store and will take orders to have specific items made. They are located near the Iglesia Recolección - phone #2311-4070.