Monday, March 19, 2012

I need furniture - now what?

When we arrived in León we gave ourselves two nights at Guesthouse El Nancite to get ourselves settled enough to move into our house. This meant we had to buy a fridge, stove and a bed right away.

Not far from the Cathedral there are a few stores that sell new household goods. We started at a store right beside La Union grocery store. They had some nice fridges and stoves but no beds.  We wrote down the models we liked as well as the prices.

The next store we went to was La Curacao which is right on the corner across from the BAC bank. They have a big variety of household items from TV's, fridges, stoves and bedroom furniture. The prices for the items we wanted were in the same ball park as the store by La Union, however they had all three items we were looking. The staff made themselves available to answer questions but weren't overly helpful. There is a website that you can look up makes, models and prices before you head into town.

Just around the corner from La Curacao is Gallo Mas Gallo. They also have a wide selection of household items and we found the prices to be similar to La Curacao. However, the staff here were really ready to make a sale and kept piling on "gifts" for each of the items we bought. We had no problem deciding which fridge and stove that we wanted but we had more difficulty with deciding which mattress. We finally decided on a nice comfy pillow top mattress and we have been very happy with it.

The next stage was actually paying for our purchases. It has been a long time since I have seen - ok, I have never seen what was about to take place. There is a long counter at the back of the room with about six employees spread out along it. Each employee has a different responsibility in regard to the purchase. One lady wrote (by hand) our invoice, another person took the cash, another person seemed to "verify" the purchase and the amount paid. Finally, we made arrangements to have the items delivered.  We threw them a bit of a curve ball because we didn't want it delivered right then and there. We didn't get possession of the house until the next day and couldn't have delivery until then.  Please note - they will require identification which in our case we used our Passport.

We found Gallo Mas Gallo to be very helpful and have since returned and purchased a few other items.  We have even used our credit card here and had no problems.