Friday, March 9, 2012

Leon, Nicaragua - We've Arrived

We have finally made the journey from full-time, 5 day a week employees to retired persons living in Leon, Nicaragua.

We flew out of Halifax, Nova Scotia on February 28th arriving at 6:30 pm Nicaragua time. We had decided that since it was a long day of travel and we had a ton of luggage that we would spend the night across the street from the airport - Best Western Las Mercedes. We had arranged in advance for the shuttle to pick us up and there was a member of the hotel staff waiting for us even before we had cleared Immigration. In less than 1/2 and hour we were settled into our room.

The following day we transferred to Leon and stayed for two nights at the Guesthouse El Nancite. We stayed here while we settled the details on the house we had found on the internet. We were ready to move into the house by March 2nd.
Our house in Leon, Nicaragua
Our house is a one bedroom with a small Nica style kitchen, dining area, living room and bathroom. The front grass area (the picture was taken before the grass was planted) is for our use although the neighbours have access to their home through our courtyard.  There is also a small patio that has been built above the entrance which has a nice view of the neighbourhood and you can get a nice breeze when you are up there.

We have signed a one year lease for $200.00 per month plus utilities. Our landlord has arranged for us to have the internet and cable installed  which will cost us $31.00 per month. There were several packages to choose from - we chose the 1g speed for the internet. The price increased with the increase in speed of the internet. The prices and speeds that we received are as follows:
          256KBPS   INTERNET/CABLE  $26
          512 KBPS   INTERNET/CABLE  $28
          1024 KBPS   INTERNET/CABLE  $31
          2048 KBPS   INTERNET/CABLE  $38
          5120 KBPS   INTERNET/CABLE  $60
Many people have asked how we were able to locate such a nice place while still living in Canada. In the next blog post I will tell you all about it.