Monday, April 2, 2012

Pizzeria Antonino - León, Nicaragua

We have always enjoyed going out to eat. In fact, you could call it one of our hobbies. So when some friends suggested we go to one of their favorite spots we weren't going to turn down the opportunity!

Pizza in León? How good could that be you may ask.  Well, let me tell you - it was delicious. The pizza they serve is thin crust and comes in two sizes 16" and 12".  Since we can never agree on what to put on a pizza we had a 16" pizza with 1/2 Hawaiian (ham and pineapple) and 1/2 meat lovers (pepperoni, salami and ham).  Their menu has a number of different combination pizza's or you can design your own.  They indicate that they serve buffalo wings but our friends tell us that they have never been available when they've asked.

The prices are pretty good too. We had a 16" pizza as indicated above with a beer and lemonade for 260 cordobas or approximately $11.00 CDN. Surprisingly, there were two pieces left over for lunch.

Location -  Parque de los Poetas, 2 1/2 al Norte (just north of Lazybones Hostal)