Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quesillos - A Nicaraguan Treat

Quesillos Tipicos de Mi Tierra
Recently we stopped by Quesillos Tipicos de Mi Tierra restaurant in León for lunch and had our first taste of these popular "comida rapida". The restaurant seems to be a popular choice for lunch since it was filled with students from a local high school, but don't worry the service is fast and efficient.

Quesillos are originally from Nagarote and La Paz Centro in the Department of León but can now be enjoyed in other parts of the country. They are often served "to go" in little baggies, but we enjoyed ours in the casual dining area. They are an inexpensive choice for lunch at only 23 cordobas for a single.

The ingredients are simple: corn tortilla, Nicaraguan cheese, finely chopped pickled onions, sour cream and salt. If you would like to try and make quesillos at home I found a recipe on line at Nicaraguan Food website.

Quesillo (Leon, Nicaragua)