Friday, April 27, 2012

Salman Grocery Store, León, Nicaragua

The Salman Grocery Store (Supermercado) is the most "complete" grocery store that we have found so far in León, Nicaragua. The Lonely Planet describes it as "half grocery and half superstore" which is a great description for this place. Not only will you find your usual grocery fare like fruits, veggies, meats and dairy but you will find kitchen gadgets, cooking pans, bathroom accessories, clothing and office supplies. Oh, and not to be forgotten - a great selection of liquor! The meat section has a traditional meat counter but also a "pick your own chicken pieces" bar - very unusual.

Here is a walk down some of the isles - see if you can find some of your favorite brands:

Stash Tea

Del Monte canned vegetables

Liquor - note the Flor de Cana

Corn Flakes and Choco Krispis - on sale!


Casserole dishes


This Salman Grocery store is located approximately 4 blocks west of the La Union and is well worth your visit!