Friday, April 20, 2012

Shopping for meat - La Unión - León, Nicaragua

Shopping for meat at La Unión is no different that shopping at your local supermarket back home. You can buy prepackaged meat - chicken, beef, pork, sausages - or you can go to the meat counter and buy the exact quantities that you want.

What we like about La Unión versus the local Palí is that La Unión has packages of seasoned meat. This makes mealtime really quick and easy when you are in a hurry.  

So... what did we buy from the local La Unión today?

package of beef slices for stirfry - 2 meals at 39.82 cordobas
package of chorizos - 2 meals at 58.31 cordobas
package of ground beef - 4 meals at 142.05 cordobas
package of 3 full chicken breasts - 6 meals at 126.79 cordobas

So, for approximately $16.50 CDN we have enough meat for 14 dinners.