Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where do I pay my water bill in León, Nicaragua

We had a visit from our landlords daughter this weekend. During the course of the conversation she asked if we had been receiving our bills for the utilities - power and water specifically. We informed her that we had only received the bill for our power and that the usage was only for one week due to the timing of the invoice.  We told her that we hadn't received the water bill yet. She said that we should go to Enacal and find out how much is owing and pay it so that we don't become delinquent.  When we asked her where the office was here in León, she indicated that she didn't know.... It didn't take too much investigation and we found someone who could tell us how to get there.....

This is the sign you are looking for.
From the south side of the Cathedral going East you will pass the Central Market. In the next block you will find Panaderia Mungui. You will know you are there because it is extremely busy with people lined up on the sidewalk - and with good reason too because their treats are delicious and well priced.

A few buildings away is your destination = Enacal.  This is how close you are to the Cathedral when you look back the way you came.....

The staff here are very helpful and as long as you have the account number and the name of the person that the account is in they will let you know how much is owing.  Can you guess how much our water bill was for the month of March???

A whopping $2.35 CDN