Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April 2012 Expenses

Following is a list of our living expenses in León, Nicaragua for the month of April 2012. The costs are listed in CDN dollars with accurate exchange rates (ie. rent into US dollars).

Rent:   $207.27
Groceries:   $164.44
Eating Out:   $74.81
Phones (buying time):   $9.76
Transportation (taxi, bus, contributing to gas):   $9.89
Alcohol:   $2.08
Cable/Internet:   0 (didn't receive the invoice at time of publishing)
Electricity:   $0.96
Propane for stove:   $13.75
Water:   $2.42
Bank Fees:   $6.00
Misc:   $72.82

MISC Items included: shower curtain, donations, new lock, keys, swimming fees, bucket for washing machine soap, binder, marker, material for washing machine cover, stickers, scanning of documents

Total expenses for the month of April 2012: $564.19

Our internet/cable bill is not included in this month which would have brought us right to the $600/month mark. It will be included in May 2012 expenses.

In regard to our electricity - we do not run an air conditioner, only ceiling fans. We were surprised how low the invoice was and suspect that due to the Easter holiday they only "estimated" the cost. Our next invoice may be significantly higher. There is a discount applied when you use less than 150 kwh during the invoice cycle.