Monday, May 14, 2012

Moving House

We have come to know our neighbours, Frank, Karin and their daughter Maria Fernanda, very well - we all share a common courtyard. Recently, they informed us that they were moving to a new house only a few blocks away.

Their "old" house was located on the second story and consisted of a balcony, small kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom that they all shared. Their "kitchen sink" wasn't in their kitchen. It was located downstairs in a little room off the courtyard. This sink was multipurpose - used for both their dishes as well as their laundry.

Their "new" house is located in a little lane with about 4 other homes. There is an "L" shaped living room, dining room, kitchen with a double pila sink, bathroom, two bedrooms and a small patio out back. It is very spacious in comparison to what they had and for only a little more money per month. Thinking like a Canadian, I figured that the second bedroom would become Maria Fernanda's and they would have some privacy.  However, they have decided to rent out that room to a couple of students so that they will have a little more income.

It makes me realize why people often say to us - "You have all this room just for the two of you?"

Moving was a simple affair - certainly not the "weeks and weeks" of preparation that have always gone into one of our moves. Everything fit into a large pickup truck and the move was completed in about one hour - well, our part of it anyhow.  I'm sure they spent a few hours putting things away.