Monday, May 28, 2012

Proof of Onward Travel - Using our Tickets

Before arriving in Nicaragua we had purchased TicaBus tickets through A Safe Passage to prove our "onward travel" if we were questioned about our one-way airline tickets. We had to supply a "trip date" for the tickets and so we chose a date close to our three month anniversary in Nicaragua when we would be required to renew our visitors visa.

The day finally arrived for our trip to Costa Rica. We arrived at the Managua bus station 45 minutes before departure and showed the ticket clerk our "emailed" tickets. The clerk called up our reservations and printed off new tickets and we were ready to go.

TicaBus interior

We were very satisfied with the service we received from A Safe Passage and were thrilled at how easy everything turned out to be. If you have a friend in Nicaragua and want to save yourself the service fee that A Safe Passage charges; you could easily have them purchase the tickets for you. All your friend would need is a copy of your passport and the date you want to travel and they can make the reservation for you. You can check the TicaBus website for their routes/schedules and fees.