Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shopping for Second Hand Clothes

Second Hand Store
Once you have been living in León, Nicaragua for a little while you will find the need to replace some of your clothing - maybe you have lost weight from all the walking or you're eating healthy. Whatever the reason, if you are living on a small budget you may not have the money to shop for "new" clothes - so what options do you have? Where can you find good quality clothing for just a little bit of money? Second hand stores!

Yes, just like at home, you have the option of buying good quality clothes for very little money. In fact, the clothes sold here in the second hand stores likely originated in the US or Canada.

We found a concentration of Second Hand stores on the street where Bigfoot Hostel is located. These stores vary in "quality". Some stores basically just set the clothing out in boxes for you to rummage through, other stores will be a little more organized and have some better quality items on hangers for easier perusal. You can find one or two really good stores that are well organized with everything neat and tidy in fashionable displays, but beware - you get what you pay for. If you are like me and aren't comfortable in "rummaging" through bins to find the hidden gems then you will pay for the convenience of having everything nicely displayed on racks. The difference is like shopping at either Value Village or Frenchy's back home in Nova Scotia.

Clothing Bin

Clothing Racks and displays

Organized Second Hand Store

Without a doubt - you can find some great treasures to fill out your wardrobe and you will spend a lot less money than buying brand new.