Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guadalupe Sunday Lunch Ladies - León, Nicaragua

Local Fritanga
Have I mentioned that we love eating out? Living in Nicaragua has made it so easy and so affordable. Every neighbourhood has a local "fritanga" or two where you can get some delicious gallo pinto, fried cheese and a variety of meats cooked on a bbq.  A plate of food for less than $5.00. Delicious and filling.

Every Sunday a group of ladies in the Guadalupe Church area get together and make a variety of dishes - not your usual fritanga fare. No deep fried foods here! Starting at 11:30 am the ladies start serving an assortment of family friendly dishes - all very delicious, filling and at a reasonable price.  Eating at this location has allowed us to try some Nicaraguan cuisine that we might not enjoy anywhere else since they aren't necessarily served in restaurants.

The menu on this particular Sunday included such items as Lengua en salsa - which is tongue. There was also a soup which we haven't tried yet but sounds so intriguing - Sopa de Cola con Punche.

You can eat your meal at one of the tables they have set up in the back yard or you can take your food home to enjoy. They also sell a selection of drinks to enjoy with your meal.

These ladies have many regulars and we are happy to say that we are now included in that number.  We love walking past their homes during the week and hearing a friendly "adios" and knowing that they consider us part of the community.... Well, almost!

Serving a plate of Pollo Jalapeno
Lunch to go
Cannelloni with salad, rice and bun
waiting to place lunch order