Sunday, July 1, 2012

Asados Pelibuey

Asados Pelibuey Restaurant
Have you tried Pelibuey yet? Humm? What's Pelibuey you might ask.... It's a cross between a goat and a lamb we were told and it tastes really good! And on those words off we were to try this delicacy. Once we arrived at Asados Pelibuey we realized that we had actually eaten there last September when we visited León but not being very adventurous we opted for the chicken.

The street view of this restaurant is very unassuming and you might be inclined to give it a pass. It looks like it is strictly serving take-away, but if you enter the building you will find a nice little courtyard with some tables where you can sit down and relax.

Asado Pelibuey
The menu itself isn't very long - asados (bbq) of either pork, chicken, beef and of course Pelibuey served with a side of rice, beans, salad and tortilla. We noticed that you could also order maduro (fried ripe plantain) or even the plantain chips (which are my personal favorite). Service is quick and the food is plentiful and delicious.  The price is excellent - it will only set you back 60 cords for a plate of food and a coke.

Want to cook Pelibuey at home? They have fresh meat for sale - just ask at the counter.

Location: 2 blocks north from the Poets Park (just down from Lazybones Hostel)

Asados Pelibuey

Asados Pelibuey interior seeting

Asados Pelibuey kitchen
Asados Pelibuey cooking plantain

Asados Pelibuey grilling meats

So.... is Pelibuey really a cross between a goat and sheep? Well, from what I read it is a domestic sheep native to the Caribbean, Mexico and South America. It is a breed of "hair sheep" that doesn't grow wool and it does kinda look like a goat....