Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to pay your Electric Bill in León, Nicaragua

Your invoice for your electricity consumption should be delivered monthly to your house from DISNORTE-DISSUR.  Their website indicates that you can have your invoice sent to you electronically through email which might be a little more efficient - especially if you don't have a mailbox and you aren't home when the invoices are being delivered.

Union Fenosa Disnorte Main Office Leon
The invoice will detail the energy that you have used for the month as well as any subsidies you are entitled to (if you use less than 150 kwh). The bill is due approximately 20 days from the date of issue. You can pay the invoice at the bank - BAC, CITI, BANPRO, BANCENTRO or BDF.  All of them have locations in the city center. Your other option is to pay the invoice directly at their main office which is located on the north side of the block where the La Union Supermarket is. They also have "satellite" offices throughout the city where you can pay your account.

Union Fenosa Disnorte Satellite Office
There have been a couple of months when we didn't receive our statement. When this happens you will need to go to the main office and they can print off a copy of your statement - all you need is your account number. The "satellite" offices - at least at this time - are not connected to the head office and don't have printers to give you a copy of your statement. They may however request a copy to be sent to them and then you can return the next day or so and they will have the invoice for you.  If you get behind in your payments it would probably be best to make your payment directly at the main office so that there is no delay in them receiving the payment.