Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Seasonal Fruit - Pitahaya

When we visited Nicaragua last September there was a lady who would deliver fruit and vegetables to our door everyday. We came to love a little red fruit called pitahaya - in Canada I knew it as Dragon Fruit.
Pitahaya and pineapple

The pitahaya that we enjoy here in León is the red-fleshed variety and it came into season about a month ago. Many people enjoy them cut up in a fruit salad or as a refresco. I find that the flavor is very mild and the texture reminds me of kiwi. They are very easy to peel (you don't eat the outer skin) but be careful because the red flesh and juice will stain your hands and whatever else it comes into contact with.  You should also know that eating this fruit may cause pseudohematuria, which is a harmless reddish discolouration of the urine and feces - much like when you eat too many beets!

We've currently been paying 20 cordobas each for the large pitahaya's but last September we were paying about 5 cordobas for the small ones.

Red-fleshed Pitahaya

Add a little granola and yogurt and you have a great breakfast - enjoy!

Pitahaya, pineapple and granola for breakfast