Friday, July 20, 2012

The Best View of León - El Fortin

Entrance to El Fortin
A short distance outside the city of León you will find the abandoned fortress of El Fortin. This fortress was once a prison and a former Somoza stronghold. It is from here that you will find the best views of the city of León and the surrounding area - all the way to the ocean!

We arrived at El Fortin by travelling along a dirt road through what was formerly the city dump. This land has now been covered over and has been parceled out for families to build homes on. In fact, you will see many temporary homes already established.  When we arrived at El Fortin at approximately 6:15 pm we were the only ones there - except for the guard. He was happy to show us around the property and pointed out areas of interest in the building (cells where prisoners were kept, the kitchen, etc.) The building itself is practically in ruins, but the view of the city is spectacular.  It is well worth taking a 1/2 hour to enjoy the scenery and to experience some of the history of León.

Guard showing us El Fortin

Looking into the main structure of El Fortin

Near entrance

El Fortin

I was amazed by the beautiful view of the city of León that you have from the rooftop of El Fortin. From this vantage point you can really see the lay of the land and how León is surrounded by volcanoes.  It is also a beautiful spot to what the sunset!

View of Leon from the roof of El Fortin

View of volcanoes from El Fortin

View of volcanoes from El Fortin

View of Leon with volcanoes in the distance

If you want to visit this fortress it is necessary to have a vehicle or take a taxi. Take the road from the northwest corner of the Guadalupe Cemetery and head south. It will take you about 5 - 10 minutes to reach the fort. Although there is a guard stationed here it is necessary to take precautions due to the remoteness of the area.