Friday, August 24, 2012

Renewing our Nicaraguan Tourist Visa in MetroCentro Mall

Renewing your Nicaraguan Tourist Visa at MetroCentro Mall is as simple as everyone has indicated. We took the Interlocal from León to the UCA bus station in Managua. The cost for the Interlocal is only 46 cordobas. The driver will drop you off near the mall if you ask - almost door to door service!

We arrived at the mall about 9:45 and there was already a line up. Shortly after we arrived the guard for the Migracion office handed out the forms (5 cordobas each). The Migracion office opened up on time and it took about 1 1/2 hours for us to reach the front of the line. When we got to the counter the desk agent pointed out that we had forgotten to bring photocopies of our identity page and also the page that had our last entry into Nicaragua.  No problem! On exiting the Migracion office you will notice a "Photo Shop" right across from you (beside the Pet Store). They know exactly what you need because I'm sure this happens all the time. The photocopies will cost you 2 cordobas per page. When you return to the Migracion office go to the front of the line and the desk clerk will take you next.  The clerk will confirm how many days you want to renew your Tourist Visa for (500 cordobas per 30 days) and will process your payment. Your paperwork will be handed to another clerk to verify and to enter the information into a book. Your name will be called and you will have to sign against the entry in the book and you will be handed back your passport with the updated visa stamped in it. The date that your visa is valid until will be written in your passport so that you know when it expires. You will need to exit the country in order to renew your visa the next time.