Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seasonal Fruit - Mamonchino

Mamonchino (Rambutan)
I saw this fruit in the market and immediately thought - oh, they have Lychees here. Humm, what do I know? I've only eaten Lychees from a can before! However, I was close. The locals call these Mamonchino and they are related to Lychees. The outer skin is easily removed and the inside fruit is soft and pulpy - much like a grape. There is a large (for the size of the fruit) pit inside which is not easily removed. In fact, we were told that you chew on the fruit surrounding the pit and then spit out what is left.

We bought 15 of these for 10 cordobas - the price will go down as they become more plentiful.  They were a nice addition to our fruit salad. Just be sure to remind any guests that there is still a pit in the fruit.

You can read some more information about this fruit from Wikipedia - Rambutan.