Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Post Office in León, Nicaragua - Correos de Nicaragua

Post Office in Leon, Nicaragua - Correos de Nicaragua
When we first arrived in Nicaragua I was naive enough to think that the postal service in Nicaragua was the same as it was at home. You know - you put a stamp on a letter, put it into the post box and a few days later the mailman delivers the letter to the address on the envelope.

We gave some friends our "address" and asked them to mail us a "test" letter. They mailed it off and then we waited and waited and waited....we even put a sign on our door with our name on it to "identify" our house (you know how crazy they addresses are here in Nicaragua).  Finally, about a month later, our landlord came to our house and gave us the letter (we had told our friends to send the letter c/o him). Success! Or so we thought.

However, in discussion with some friends we came to realize that our landlord likely picked the letter up at the post office. They were the ones who let the cat out of the bag - there are no "mailmen" in Nicaragua.

So, the question is: How do I receive my mail in Nicaragua? Some people are able to obtain "post office boxes" and if you know someone who has one you could ask if your mail could be directed there. We did and the process worked very well.

The website NicaLiving has the following information to receive mail without a post office box:

If you don't have a permanent address, you can receive mail at the central post office in any town. You will need id and you will be charged $.15/letter. Have the mail addressed as follows:

                     Your Name
                      Lista de Correos
                      Correos de Nicaragua, 
                      Town, Department

You can follow the link to their Communicate: Phone and Mail page for more information.

A view inside the Post Office in Leon, Nicaragua
In León you will find the Correos de Nicaragua 2 1/2 blocks North of Hotel El Convento.

As a side note: It took only 11 days for a letter to come from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada to León, Nicaragua.