Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's in the grocery bag today?

Today I decided to do a price comparison between the Market and La Union. The only item I couldn't compare is the melon because La Union didn't have any in stock. We paid 30 cordobas for it at the Market.

Market Prices:
Limes 5
Pitahaya 20
Carrots 20
Tomatoes 5
Onions 26
Plantain 10
Pineapple 20
Papaya 15
Total         121 cordobas

La Union Prices:
Limes 24
Pitahaya 45
Carrots 23.3
Tomatoes 8.6
Onions 26.2
Plantain 18.4
Pineapple 23
Papaya 27
Total         195.5 cordobas

By purchasing our fruit and vegetables at the Market we saved: 74.5 cordobas - plus we were able to buy a beautiful melon to enjoy!