Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Have your shoes shined in León, Nicaragua

Walking the streets of León is dusty business and it takes a huge toll on your shoes. No worries though because there are many locations throughout the city that you can sit down, relax and have your shoes cleaned and shined professionally - all for only 10 cordobas!

We were walking past the park in front of the San Juan Church and there were a least 5 men waiting for the opportunity to clean your shoes. When we asked the fellow in the picture how much he would charge he immediately gave us gringo pricing - 15 cordobas. When we told him that the guy next to him was only going to charge us 10 cordobas he quickly changed his tune - it pays to know what the going rate is!

The convenience of not having to buy and store multiple colours of shoe polish as well as supporting the local economy are additional reasons for having your shoes shined by a professional. Don't worry if you don't know where the San Juan church is because there are many "roving" shoe shiners all over downtown and they do a wonderful job too!