Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hotel El Casino, Casares, Nicaragua

Hotel El Casino is a cute, boutique hotel on the pacific coast of Nicaragua. It is located in an authentic fishing village where the day to day action happens right in front of you.

This hotel only has twelve rooms but is a great value at only $25.00 a night ($35.00 if you want air conditioning). The rooms aren't large but they have everything you need. There is a ceiling fan if you choose not to have air conditioning but be warned that it may not be enough if you have a room facing the ocean. The ocean front rooms get the afternoon sun and can be quite warm at the end of the day. That being said - you can't beat the view from these rooms! While we were at the hotel they were in the process of expanding the deck from the ocean front rooms which will greatly increase the appeal of them.

Nicaraguan breakfast
Hotel El Casino has a number of sitting areas where you can relax with a good book, enjoy a movie on their projection screen or simply enjoy the company of friends - new and old. Enjoy looking at all the beautiful Nicaraguan art treasures that the owner has brought for your pleasure. There is a pool table should you desire to rack up a game. With an on sight restaurant and bar there is no shortage of delicious food and drink to tempt your appetite. You will especially enjoy the fish dinners cooked fresh from that morning's catch.

We stayed at Hotel El Casino for three nights and took all of our meals in their dining room and on the small beach patio.

It is an easy commute from León using Interlocal buses. You take the small Interlocal at the León bus terminal to La UCA station in Managua. In Managua you switch buses to the Interlocal that is heading to Diriamba (final destination is Jinotepe). When you reach Diriamba you switch to the Interlocal that goes to La Boquita and Casares. The total cost for these buses was only 184 cordobas for the two of us!

We highly recommend this hotel to all budget travelers.

View of Hotel El Casino, Casaras from the beach
View of the bar/kitchen.
View from the second floor, where the rooms are.

Fishermen arriving with their catch.

Enjoy the sunset from the deck at Hotel El Casino, Casares, Nicaragua