Monday, September 17, 2012

Where do you go in Leon, Nicaragua for that special dinner?

El Meson Real Restaurant -  Leon, Nicaragua
A few weeks back we had some guests visiting from Granada. They had heard some good things about El Meson Real and wanted to see for themselves if it lived up to their reputation. We decided to tag along since we had also heard what a great place it was.

El Meson Real is a small place - there only seemed to be about 10 - 15 tables. The menu is written on a chalk board which you see when you enter the restaurant. On your right is a long counter  where Chef Gustavo creates the restaurants signature dish - Paella. Although no one at our table ordered the Paella it looked and smelled delicious!

The menu has a nice blend of seafood, beef and fresh fish (I don't recall if there was any chicken on the menu). I opted for the Churasco Steak with Chimichurri and Pat chose a filet of grouper. Both meals were absolutely the best we have had so far in León - I wish I knew where he purchased his beef from because it was so tender. Most of the entrees are priced around $200 cordobas - they would be far more back home! The price of our meals, drinks and tip came to about $700 cordobas. A nice touch was that Chef Gustavo personally cleared our plates and inquired whether we had enjoyed our meal.

The only complaints we have in regard to our experience was that their website indicates that there is a 2 for 1 Mojito and Sangria special from 5-7 pm.  We arrived just before 7pm and inquired about the special but the waitress said that they no longer had it. The other thing was that we weren't asked if we would like any dessert or coffee. However, neither of these things dampened our enjoyment of the meal.

So... if you are looking for that "special" restaurant or you just feel like a splurge you won't be disappointed if you head to El Meson Real.  You can find them at:

Parque Ruben Dario 220 vrs. al NorteLeonNicaragua

Chef Gustavo making Paella at El Meson Real - Leon, Nicaragua

Churasco with Chimichurri Sauce at El Meson Real - Leon, Nicaragua

Grouper (veggies were on a separate plate) at El Meson Real - Leon, Nicaragua