Monday, October 22, 2012

Communicating with Claro Text Messaging

When we first moved to Nicaragua we knew that we had to get a couple of inexpensive cell phones so that we could keep in touch with each other and our friends. We decided to get two Claro phones. For the first little while we did all right, we added (REGARGA) C$ 100 (Cordobas) to the phone and it would last a month. But now, as our circle of friends has expanded, we find the C$ 100 lasts sometimes less than a week. Now what do we do? We had heard of the text plan but didn't know how to get in on the action. Do we ask for it when we put saldo (Money, Time) on our phone? Or what?

Well here is the answer, I finaly stopped to read a Claro Poster and yes, I understood what most of it said:

Activá tu paquete SMS enviando la cantidad
de mensajes que querrás al 1200
30C$ 10301 día
IlimitadoC$ 20Ilimitado1 día
500C$ 5050010 días
300C$ 180300030 días
*Tarifas incluyen IVA

Claro/Nicaragua text messaging info

This ia a Google translation of the highlighted text "Activate your SMS package sending the amount
Messages that you want to 1200".

This is what you need to do to sign up for a text plan. You first need to know if you have enough time (Saldo) on your account, for that dial *5. Listen to the message, and then convert the dollar amount into Cordobas. If you don't have enough $$'s in your account go and get "RECARGA" at anywhere that displays the "Claro" sign.

Great! Now you know that you have enough for the 500 message (Mensajes). Now all you have to do is text 500 (Paquete) to the number 1200. The C$50 is taken from your voice/text saldo and put into the slot reserved for text messages and you have 10 days to use up all those text messages. So get texting! (My thumbs have never been this sore since I first got my X-Box)