Monday, October 15, 2012

Cooked Beans in a Bag

One of the most popular foods that local Nicaraguans eat is beans - frijoles. Some families have a steady diet of beans because they are so cheap here and are a good source of nutrition. When we first moved to León, Nicaragua I was determined to cook my own beans from start to finish - you know - soak them and then cook them for hours. It didn't take me long to realized that not only did I not have the knack for cooking beans (they always came out a little tough) but it was much cheaper and easier to do what the locals do - buy them ready cooked.

Many houses in our neighborhood have a sign posted saying "Frijoles cocidos" meaning that they have cooked beans for sale. You don't need to bring a container since they will have some plastic bags to put the beans into. In the picture below you can see how much you receive for only 10 cordobas.... plenty for two people. If you have a larger family you can get more.

Once you get your beans home you can quickly add whatever you like. Below I have added some onion and peppers and later I mixed in some rice for a quick version of Gallo Pinto.