Saturday, October 27, 2012

English Speaking Doctor in León, Nicaragua

Many people have asked about medical care here in Nicaragua and whether it is possible to find an English speaking Doctor if you need one. A friend of ours recently had to seek out a Doctor due to a fall that resulted in an infection.  She was directed to the Clinica Metropolitana here in León where she asked the receptionist for an English speaking doctor. Clinica Metropolitana is a private clinic where you pay for the care you receive; whereas the local hospitals provide free care even to non-residents.

After waiting for the doctor to return to the clinic she met with Dr. Róger Barrios Chica (according to the information on the prescription slip he is a specialist in General Surgery). She told us that he has basic English but they were able to communicate sufficiently that she felt she received appropriate care.

The cost of the initial office visit was: $21.00 US. The cost of medication was $20.55. A few weeks later our friend went back for a follow-up visit with a cost of $20.00 US. She had an e-xray for $13.00 US (the x-ray was done at a different location).

Contact information for Dr. Róger Barrios Chica:

Clinica Metropolitana Telf: 2311-3503
Emergencias Celular: 8852-9778

Clinica Metropolitana is known by most taxi drivers.

Clinica Metropolitana -  Leon, Nicaragua

Waiting area at Clinica Metropolitana

Dr. Roger Barrios Chica Information