Monday, October 8, 2012

Getting to Maxi Palí by Bus

When we first moved to León, Nicaragua we were thrilled to find the local Maxi Palí which we blogged about here. We asked around to find out if it was possible to take the bus rather than a taxi but everyone told us that there wasn't a bus that went to the Maxi Palí.

Well, we have since found out that everyone was right - but also wrong. We haven't found a bus or a camionetta that passes right in front of the store but there is one that will drop you off within walking distance. 

If you are in Barrio Guadalupe you need to take the large bus that is heading into town. If you are already in the city center you can pick this bus up at the Recollection Church. This bus weaves back and forth through the north part of town but will eventually come to a T in the road - there will be a Uno gas station on the left hand side. The bus turns left here. About a minute or two up the road the bus will come to the National Police building - pictured below. These is a regular bus stop so just be on the alert and the bus will be dropping people off here.

Police grounds near Maxi Palí

When you exit the bus you want to walk up the road in the direction that the bus was going. When you get to the intersection you are going to follow the road to the right. There will be an Esso "On the Run" on the left side of the road. Walk up the road a very short distance and you will see the Maxi Palí on the left (set back from the road).

Maxi Palí - León, Nicaragua

Returning from the Maxi Palí into town is just as easy. Reverse your steps to where the bus let you off. On the opposite side of the road from where you got off the bus you will see a large tree. This is where the bus will pick you up again. Don't worry if you have a lot of packages - there are bicycle taxis just outside of the Maxi Palí and they will drive you to the bus stop.  Enjoy your afternoon shopping!

Large tree where you will pick up the bus to return to the city center