Monday, October 1, 2012

Six Months Living Expenses in León, Nicaragua

We have been living in León for over 6 months now and we have some solid financial figures in regard to our expenses and whether we have achieved our goal of living on $600.00 CDN a month. 

Our Average Monthly Expenditures are as follows:

Rent: $208.69 - this figure fluctuates because of the CDN/US exchange rate
Groceries: $176.68
Eating Out: $86.92
Phone recharge: $10.22 (for two phones)
Transportation (Taxi/Bus/Gas): $20.47
Alcohol: $9.55
Cable: $40.88
Electricity: $2.42
Propane for Stove: $6.24
Water (utility): $2.94
Misc charges: $69.10

Our average monthly expenditures is $640.77

Our monthly cost for Electricity still seems quite low in comparison with other expats that I have spoken with. I suspect that now that we have a new meter this expense may increase. It looks like we will need to review how much we eat out in order to bring our expenses into the $600.00 a month range.

The above does not include our expenses in regard to renewing our Nicaragua visitor's visa or any vacations.

Please note: All prices are in CDN dollars.