Sunday, November 11, 2012

Movie Night in Leon

If you like to go to the movies there is a excellent theater here in Leon. Plaza Siglo Nuevo is a three theater movie house that is a great place to cool down (air conditioned) and enjoy a movie with some friends. The theater is just east of La Union Supermercado. The movie that I watched was played in English with Spanish subtitles. The three movies playing on the night I went were:
Savages Movie Poster
Skyfall Movie Poster
Looper Movie Poster

The last time I went to the movies I had to take out a small bank loan so that my wife and I could relax for a couple of hours. This time however it was quite affordable, just C$70. That is just under $3.00 US. See here is my ticket:
Price of a movie

I received another big surprise when I got inside. For about the same price as my ticket I could buy a large popcorn and a large drink. So for $6.00 per person you can have a relaxing evening out. The food choices are hot dogs, nachos and cheese, popcorn, candy, chocolate bars, bags of nacho chips, plus other items that I do not remember.

The following three pictures are of the inside of this modern theater:
This is the ticket booth
Entrance to the concession stands.
Concession stands.