Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beauty Shop Time

Like many women I'm very particular about who cuts my hair and because of that it took me a long time to finally settle on who to go to. It's not that I hadn't seen good looking shops around town - there are many! No, I kept asking my friends for recommendations. One place kept coming up - Helen's Sala de Belleza. So, when I was visiting a friend and she told me that she was getting highlights at Helen's I immediately decided to join her and get my hair cut (I was in desperate need since I hadn't had it cut since I left Canada).

When we arrived at Helen's the following day I was happy to find out that she had time to fit me in while she was waiting for the colouring on my friends hair to set. The shop was quite modern and I was happy to recognize some of the products that are popular back home. Helen gave me some books to look through to pick out a hairstyle - this was crucial since she speaks no English and my Spanish isn't up to the challenge of describing what I wanted done with my hair. Helen doesn't wash your hair (much like Haircutters back home) she just wets it down before she starts cutting it.

I was very happy with the results and the price - only $50 cordobas which is a little over $2.00 CDN - very budget friendly.

In desperate need of a haircut

Lot's of great hair products to purchase


blow drying

selection of nail polish and hair clips

washing station

The final results