Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How do I pay for my garbage pickup in León, Nicaragua?

As part of our Rental Agreement we are responsible for paying for the monthly garbage pickup. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well, we have been here for 9 months already and we have only just received our first billing.

The invoice came from "Alcaldia Municipal de León" stating it was "Aviso de Cobro de Tren de Aseo". When I read that through the translator it came up with a crazy result and so I thought this invoice was for the sewers. However, my landlord assured me that it was for garbage collection.  When I went to pay the invoice the receipt does read that the money received was for "Garbage and Cleaning".

Where did I pay my invoice? You pay for the garbage collection at City Hall which is on the north side of the central park. With renovations going on in the park you enter the building by the west side door and go into the office that says "Caja" (the right side of the foyer). After you enter the office you take a number which is located on the back wall and then you sit and wait for your turn to pay.

What if I don't receive an invoice? You are still required to pay for the garbage pickup monthly. If you go to the office at City Hall and give them the account number and name then you can make the payment.

How much does it cost for garbage collection? Garbage collection only costs 40 cordobas per month - so it is extremely reasonable with pickup 3 times a week. Our pickup time is 5 am so we have elected to take out our garbage only once a week. It isn't wise to put your garbage out the night before because there are too many dogs (and unfortunately people) that will tear your bags apart and leave you with a mess to clean up in the morning.