Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tsunami Taco Bar, Las Peñitas

After spending a fantastic day on the beach in Las Peñitas we were waiting for the bus to go home when I noticed a sign outside of the Tsunami Taco Bar - Pan de Banano.

Banana Bread! I hadn't had any in ages and since I LOVE banana bread we thought we would grab a piece for the road - are we glad we did. It was melt in your mouth fantastic! We have always wanted to try this little place for their tacos but somehow the timing has never been right. However, we figure if the banana bread is this good then we have got to get back to try the tacos.

If you want to find the Tsunami Taco Bar it is located on the main road when you enter Las Peñitas, across from Playa Roca. If you decide to try it out - please leave a comment for our readers.

another beautiful sunset in Las Penitas