Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Casa Ulrich - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

resident mascots at Casa Ulrich
We traveled to Pearl Lagoon over New Years - a trip that was decided at the last minute. Since there are few options for accommodations in Pearl Lagoon we were a little concerned that we would have difficulty finding a suitable place to stay with such short notice and over the holiday period. After reviewing the accommodations in Pearl Lagoon listed on TripAdvisor and Vianica we narrowed our choice down to Casa Ulrich. We received a quick response to our email indicating that they did have a room available (only $15.00 per night for a room with shared bath).

a hearty Nica breakfast at Casa Ulrich, Pearl Lagoon
We left Managua on the 9 p.m. bus and were on the 6:30 a.m. panga from El Rama to Bluefields. We arrived in Bluefields at 8:10 a.m. which meant that we were able to make the 8:30 a.m. panga to Pearl Lagoon. Arriving in Pearl Lagoon by 9:30 a.m. we were on the doorstep of Casa Ulrich hungry and tired. No problem! Our hosts - Fred and Reyna had a room ready for us and Fred fired up the grill for a delicious Nica breakfast.

Fred and Reyna took over the property that has become Casa Ulrich three years ago and are in the process of making many improvements. Their waterfront property has a number of budget priced rooms that share a couple of bathrooms as well as six rooms with private baths. They have a couple of rooms that can accommodate families or small groups traveling together. There is also a large restaurant where you can sit down and enjoy the view as well as Fred's culinary skills. Fresh shrimp and fish is always on the menu!  We spent five nights at Casa Ulrich and ate almost all of our meals there.

So, if you happen to be visiting Pearl Lagoon you can't go wrong staying at Casa Ulrich!

view from the back of Casa Ulrich, Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

view of second story accommodations at Casa Ulrich

budget room at Casa Ulrich - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

Casa Ulrich has space big enough for families

room with private bath - Casa Ulrich, Pearl Lagoon

quiet sitting area - Casa Ulrich, Pearl Lagoon

view of second level restaurant - Casa Ulrich, Pearl Lagoon