Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eat a Quesillo like a Local!

Quesillos y Tiste Mi Familia - La Paz Centro, Nicaragua
Nicaraguans LOVE their quesillos. They are a popular roadside treat when you are traveling and can be found being sold coast to coast.  They are sold downtown by portable vendors and if you go to Nagarote or La Paz Centro there are a number of carts that are bustling with activity.

Honestly, I couldn't understand what the appeal was. I found them messy and difficult to eat - I was wearing more of the cream than went in my mouth! Fortunately, I found out a few days ago that it was all because I didn't have the correct technique in eating them. Our friend, Sergio, showed us where we were going wrong.

Quesillos, like so many things in Nicaragua, are prepared and then sold in plastic bags. The vendor may hand the quesillo to you with the top of the bag open. You need to close the top of the bag - tie it off with a knot. This will allow the yummy cream to soak into the tortilla. Choose one of the corners of the bag and make a good sized hole in it. Now you can gently bite off small chunks of the quesillo and suck it into your mouth - be careful not to bite through the plastic bag! The technique is very easy to learn and you will find that you will enjoy your quesillo immensely and are a not to be missed treat.

Sergio and Pat eating a quesillo - La Paz Centro, Nicaragua

PS - we have been told that the best quesillos can be found in Nagarote.