Sunday, January 13, 2013

How to get to Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

view of the wharf as we were leaving Bluefields
Bluefields is the jumping off point to a number of locations - one of them being Pearl Lagoon. So, after our 6 hour bus ride from Managua and a two hour panga (boat) trip up the Rio Escondido to the small port city of Bluefields we were ready for the next leg of our journey.

After we got off the panga from El Rama we had to cross over to the part of the wharf where the pangas leave for Pearl Lagoon (you may need to ask for directions because there aren't any signs that I saw). You have to pay a 5 cordoba (per person) port fee when you enter this section. On the small wharf there is a fellow walking around with a clip board - he is taking names of passengers for the next panga. We were very fortunate because the next panga was leaving in only a few minutes and he still had a number of spaces. So, before we knew it, we were departing on the 8:30 am panga!

boats in the marina
The one hour trip along the small rivers that lead to Pearl Lagoon was very scenic. There appeared to be mangrove trees in some areas. You could also see some modest homes where people are going about their everyday life.
Mangrove trees

there was a short stop at Kukra Hill
Our final destination - Pearl Lagoon

Pearl Lagoon, RAAS Nicaragua
The cost for this leg of the journey was only 165 cordobas. However, if you don't like to travel by water it is possible to get to Pearl Lagoon by land. Rather than take the panga from El Rama to Bluefields you would wait for the bus to Pear Lagoon. The trip from El Rama to Pearl Lagoon by bus takes 5 hours (with a short break at the halfway point) and only costs 150 cordobas. The trip by bus is two hours longer and the roads are not in the best condition.
Road from Pearl Lagoon to El Rama

Road from Pearl Lagoon to El Rama