Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Renovations to Central Park in León are finally coming to an end!

Last week we took a peek over the barricades at Central Park and we could see that they have been making great headway in completing the renovations. All of the pathways look to be complete and there is a lot of nice new seating with benches scattered throughout the center area.

area in front of City Hall - León, Nicaragua

still some final touch-ups to be made

lots of benches to sit and relax - León, Nicaragua

Central Park - León, Nicaragua
Hey - what's this? Why are all these people in the park? Last Friday evening we noticed that all of the barricades were down and people were milling around the park. Later that evening a huge display of fireworks were set off and when we walked through the park we noticed that there were folk dancers performing in front of the Cathedral. We assumed that this meant that the park was officially reopened. However, when we were downtown yesterday the barricades were back up. We asked one of the local artisans when he would be returning to the park - he said they would be returning January 30, 2013. I guess there are still some finishing touches before the park is officially re-opened to the public.

Central Park - León, Nicaragua

Central Park - León, Nicaragua