Friday, February 22, 2013

Cafetin Don Jacks - León, Nicaragua

Cafetin Don Jacks

A little known gem of a restaurant in León is a place called Cafetin Don Jacks. A friend recommended this place to us as having the best burgers in town - and he was right! You will come for the burgers but you will also enjoy all the other items he has on his menu. Do you like curry made with fresh coconut milk? Then this is the place to come.

delicious burger at Don Jacks

As an expat himself, Jack knows that from time to time you will crave a taste from home - or at least foods you used to eat in your home country. He told us that if there was anything we wanted and it wasn't on the menu to just let him know and he would make it for us - all he needed was a days notice. So, taking him at his word and knowing that he makes an excellent curry, I asked him if he could make Butter Chicken for us and some friends. He needed a couple of days to check on ingredients and to come up with a menu but boy, did he come through for us!

Our group arranged to meet at the restaurant at 6 pm and you could smell the yummy butter chicken all the way up the street - long before we got to the restaurant. For a set price, Jack served us family style the following: an Asian style coleslaw, dal, samosas, Indian rice, Butter Chicken, green salad with dressing and naan bread. For a little extra we could have a piece of coconut ice cream cake. Everything was fantastic.

We loved the whole meal and will always remember it as one of the BEST meals we have had so far in Nicaragua.

If you want to enjoy a great meal at Cafetin Don Jacks, here is how you get there: it is located opposite Clinica Mercedes -  1 1/2 blocks east of La Union grocery store.

Indian rice - Cafetin Don Jacks

Butter Chicken served family style - Cafetin Don Jacks

Samosas with a cucumber raita - Cafetin Don Jacks

fresh Coconut ice cream cake - Cafetin Don Jacks
Once you have finished your delicious meal stay a while and enjoy a relaxing game of pool.
pool table - Cafetin Don Jacks