Thursday, February 14, 2013

Do you need your shoes repaired?

Since we've moved to Nicaragua, we have literally put miles on our feet! We walk everywhere. This has definitely been a good change from our stationery life in Canada. Physically we are more fit. The only down side has been that our shoes have been wearing out.

 In Canada, we would have thrown our old shoes out, but here in León that would be viewed as being very wasteful. There is a solution! Everywhere - or at least just about every street - you will see a sign that reads "Se reparan zapatos". Many of these "shoe repairs" are completed in the family home. They will take shoes that look like this

shoes before being repaired

and transform them to look like this...

shoes after being repaired
These shoes had a new sole sewn on as well as a new insole. Although they aren't pretty they are very comfy and will stand up to the rugged roads we walk on. How much did this cost? Only C$150 - or $6.20 CDN - far less than buying a brand new pair. All they need is a little polish and they are almost as good as new!

So the next time you notice that your shoes are showing some wear and tear, don't throw them out - get them repaired. Not only will you receive them back in excellent condition you will also be helping your neighbor provide for his family!