Monday, February 25, 2013

Moving House - León to Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

moving house
Before our visit to Pearl Lagoon in January we started to consider whether we wanted to try living in a different part of Nicaragua. After our trip to Pearl Lagoon our decision was made up - we were moving! Our lease for our house in León was up at the end of February and so the timing was perfect.

Finding a "mover" in Nicaragua isn't as easy as it is back in Halifax. In Halifax all we had to do was open the yellow pages to find a mover or reserve a truck with U-Hall and do it ourselves; but how do you find a mover in Nicaragua? We have found out that finding someone to help you with your move here is more about who you know and who they know rather than finding them on the internet or the "yellow pages". In our case, the father of a young friend of ours is in the business of buying and selling vehicles. He happened to have a truck that could be used for our move and he was willing to make the drive with us - problem solved. However, about a week before we were due to leave the engine on the truck blew - it looked like our planned move would be delayed by a week in order for the truck to be fixed. Fortunately for us, he was able to locate another truck and two drivers to move us to Pearl Lagoon.
loading the truck

As arranged, the truck arrived early on Thursday evening and we had it loaded in no time. Not being professional movers they didn't have any blankets to protect our furniture, and we of course didn't have any either. Everything fit onto the truck and the mattress was put down at the back of the truck for us to lay on as we traveled through the night under the stars. That sounds romantic doesn't it?..... well, it was for a while. We enjoyed the beautiful display of stars and we even saw a shooting star. However, as we traveled through the mountains a definite chill filled the air -in time it became down right cold! We were glad that there wasn't a cloud in the sky and there was no rain!

We made it to El Rama by 4:30 am and were soon on the final stretch - the road to Pearl Lagoon. Originally, we had figured that since the bus takes 5 hours from El Rama to Pearl Lagoon that we would be able to make it in less time - maybe 4 hours. Boy were we wrong! Due to the condition of the road our driver took 6 1/2 LONG hours on one of the bumpiest roads we've ever traveled. There didn't seem to be any signs along the road to tell us where to turn for Pearl Lagoon and we did lose our way once so we were so happy when we saw could smell the ocean - we knew we were getting close.

It was a relief to finally arrive at our destination and to unload the truck. Our poor furniture had taken a beating - many scratches but nothing was broken. If we were to make the trip again we would know to find some cheap, protective blankets for our furniture.
Pancho made the trip with us in the back of the truck

our view as we lay on the matress

the last leg of our journey - the road to Pearl Lagoon
How much did it cost for us to move from León to Pearl Lagoon with two drivers, truck and gas? Only $485.00 CDN!

our house in Pearl Lagoon