Friday, February 1, 2013

We're not quite farmers but getting close!

Papaya - Leon, Nicaragua
Last April we got the great idea that maybe we could grow some of our own fruits and vegetables. With that thought in mind we bought a cheap shovel and started to breakup a small area of ground in our front yard. The dirt didn't seem to be very "rich" looking - all dry and dusty - so we started to throw in vegetable peelings etc. to "compost" and enrich the soil.

After a short period of time we realized that there were some seedlings growing and decided to baby them along to see what was sprouting. Lo and behold we found out that there were some tomatoes, peppers, cilantro,  papayas and limes growing. The tomatoes and peppers really didn't amount to much so we ended up digging the plants in and concentrating on the other seedlings.

After consulting with some friends we realized that there were far too many papayas and limes for the space they were growing in so we chose the strongest looking plants and kept one of each, gave some away and pulled the rest. We relocated the lime tree to the center of the garden where it is continuing to grow. We don't expect it to produce for a long time.

more blossoms at the top of the tree
The Papaya tree grows rapidly and produces within months. So, here we are in February and we have already reaped some fruit from the tree and there is a lot more fruit that will be ready in the next little while. I must admit that I was disappointed that we were growing a Papaya tree because it really isn't my favorite fruit. However, the one we just ate was quite sweet and we hope all the rest will be too.

 At the base of the tree the cilantro (a broad leaf Nicaraguan variety) is multiplying like crazy. It is a nice addition to some fresh salsa or in a marinade. It's also delicious in Gallo Pinto a favorite Nicaraguan dish.

Papayas that will ripen in the weeks to come

Our first papaya from our tree