Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yum - Avocado Season

I don't know about you, but I love avocados! I loved them even when we lived in Canada and they had to be transported long distances and they arrived as hard as rocks. I would love to make fresh guacamole when they ripened. Now that we live in Nicaragua I love avocados even more. They are coming back into season and are slowly becoming more and more available. The prices are still on the high side, but they will come down. The large avocado pictured below cost 30 cordobas - which is pretty high. However, it was absolutely delicious to eat.  We bought it from a street vendor and she had two sizes - the large ones pictured below and some slightly smaller for only 15 cords.

Fresh avocado - Leon, Nicaragua

We have discovered that avocados are for much more than guacamole. For instance, they make an attractive and tasty decoration to a meal. Also, as pictured below you can easily add avocado slices into your wrap. We bought some fresh tortillas from our "tortilla lady" on the corner, added some refried beans, fresh cheese (a local cheese called cuajada is delicious) and a couple slices of avocado and we had a quick and delicious lunch.

Tortilla with refried beans, cheese and avocado

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