Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Feeding a hungry Chocoyo in Pearl Lagoon

We thought that Pancho, our little rescue Chocoyo, was a picky eater. We have tried to feed him with all kinds of different fruits and vegetables and can only get him to eat banana and maybe a little watermelon. He turns his beak up at mango - a fruit we were assured that Chocoyos love. He also won't touch sunflower seeds except to play with them. When we moved away from León I couldn't find his favorite birdseed at the grocery store to stock-up on and now I am almost out....

It appears that we were worried for no reason - Pancho is telling US what he likes to eat.......

Sharing Pat's breakfast oatmeal

Licking off the chocolate topping on a cookie

Pancho eating yummy coconut rice

Pancho eating pasta with tomato sauce

One happy bird!