Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Atlantic Coast Baseball Series is coming to town!

The baseball stadium in Pearl Lagoon getting a paint job.
This year Pearl Lagoon will be hosting the Atlantic Coast Baseball Series. This is a huge event for this little community and the excitement has been building for weeks. In preparation for the event the whole community seems to be getting involved in a variety of ways. Cleaning crews have been raking up and burning trash to ensure the streets and pathways are litter-free; new accommodations have sprung up along Front Street as well as others being tucked away on some of the back roads; and many of the local women are preparing to feed the hungry hordes of visitors with their delicious local cuisine. New restaurants and bars have also sprung up all over town.

The stadium has also been prepared for the event. The ground has been leveled and prepared for the players. The stands have been repaired and the stadium itself has been painted.

The series runs from March 8 - 22, 2013.  For more information please check out the Rightsideguide.