Saturday, March 2, 2013

Veggie Store on wheels - Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

In Pearl Lagoon we don't have a grocery store or market to buy our fruits and vegetables from. No worries though because almost every day you will hear a loud speaker calling out "chiltoma, cebolla, sandia, mango". When you hear this you know the veggie man is in town! Just like in a grocery store you go up to the counter (or box of the truck) to check out the prices and freshness of what they have that day.  The "helper" has a small scale that he uses to weigh out your selection. You may be able to bargain with him if you feel his prices are a bit too high.

vegetable truck in Pearl Lagoon
For only C$240 ($10.08 CDN) we bought all the fruit and veggies in the picture below:
Vegetables - Pearl Lagoon
 Pineapple, large watermelon, carrots, 2 lbs onions, 2 lbs tomatoes, 3 oranges, 6 green peppers, 6 mandarins  3 chayote squash and 3 small mangoes.